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Features and Benefits . . .


B o n e  G r a f t i n g  S y s t e m

Consider these advantages:

  • Use autogenous bone, the "Gold Standard", with ease and confidence.
  • Readily offer patients a solution that uses their own natural bone.
  • Harvest adequate bone without difficulty - up to 8cc or more.
  • Low morbidity at the donor site - shaving expands bone, less taken.
  • High purity graft - no suction used, graft is enclosed until placed.
  • Ready to use osseous coagulum - blood auto-mixes during harvest.
  • Save time - integrated system rapidly cuts, collects and delivers.

How the mx-grafter® system can work for you:

The mx-grafter® bone grafting system will enable you to perform grafts with ease and confidence as you may never have thought possible. Now you can easily use autogenous bone to enhance implant sites, repair periodontal defects, reconstruct alveolar deformities and perform sinus lift augmentations. If you have ever felt uncomfortable about the suitability of non-autogenous materials, you will appreciate the instrument's ability to efficiently graft the preferred solution, autogenous bone.

Autogenous bone grafting has been simplified. While harvesting, the mx-grafter® system automatically cuts bone into convoluted shavings, mixes them with blood, and collects the mix.  Then the system safely delivers the graft directly to the recipient site. The procedure is further simplified because the instrument allows you to use readily accessible surface bone, often in close proximity to the recipient site.

Designed as a complete system, the single-use instrument provides the full set of features you need to easily perform each of the grafting steps in an efficient integrated process:

Cut- Abundant volumes of graft material become available as the instrument's high tech blade efficiently shaves surface bone at the donor site. The expanded bone, curled and randomized shavings, occupies a much greater volume than it did at the doner site (leaving a relatively small donor site defect). During the cutting process, the shavings automatically combine with blood from the harvest site, thus forming an osseous coagulum. This matrix has all of the advantages of being highly porous and having high bone surface area.


Collect-  As bone is cut, it flows into the handle's 2cc storage chamber, while a clear monitoring window provides visual feedback. The graft is immediately protected as it enters this closed chamber. The purity of the graft is further assured because vacuum is not used, resulting in minimal entrainment of contaminants. If necessary, one entire side of the chamber can be opened to give complete access to the graft.

Deliver- The blade is partially retracted, exposing the harvested graft in the spoon shaped nose of the instrument. Then the nose is positioned  at the recipient site and a curette is used to pack the paste-like graft firmly in place. When the supply in the nose is depleted, an integrated plunger advances more graft material from the storage chamber to the nose of the instrument.


Harvesting  Bone and Blood with the
 mx-grafter® Instrument


Bone and Blood as Automatically Mixed during Harvesting

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