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A reusable instrument for rapidly and predictably grafting autogenous bone. 

Consider these advantages:
Reusable, high-strength stainless steel handle.
  Chrome plated... easier to clean and more durable.
  Three head angles available... select to fit anatomy.
  Sharp, hollow-ground, autoclavable blade.
  During a case, reattach blade for unlimited volume.
  Low cost per case... replace blade, not entire grafter.
  Save time... system cuts, collects and delivers.

A high technology blade shaves ribbons of bone from cortical surfaces.  Shaving expands bone, less taken. Confidently offer your patients autogenous bone,  "the gold standard."
While cutting, shavings combine with blood and flow into the handle's collection chamber.  A ready-to-use osseous coagulum is formed and safely stored.
Open the collection chamber by clicking off the blade.  Then use the handle to deliver the graft material directly to the recipient site  or to a bowl for additives.

For more information view the Users Guide.

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