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Welcome . . .

Maxilon wants to welcome both regular users and newcomers who would like to learn
more about our innovative autogenous bone grafting products.

For more than twelve years, Maxilon has been dedicated to developing technologies

and bringing instruments to clinicians which greatly simplifiy autogenous bone grafting.

The original instrument , a single case disposable, and the new
502 grafter are the most feature rich and advanced autogenous bone

grafting instruments available, utilizing

Expanded Bone Regeneration technology.

Clinical research has shown "... that excellent implant success rates can be achieved in grafted sinuses or ridges when a locally harvested autogenous bone graft with ribbon geometry is used." "... no signs of bone resorption... no dehiscence of the soft tissue flaps..."  Quotes are from a study of 193 consecutive patients grafted with Maxilon technology autogenous grafts.   J Oral Maxillofac Surg 62:1535-1544, 2004

Click here to view a power point presentation that includes detailed clinical, and technological topics, as well as information about Maxilon Laboratories and our products.

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