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The Company . . .

Maxilon was founded in 1995 to bring high technology solutions to surgical products and information services.

Peter R. Ebner, a  high technology inventor and entrepreneur, is the owner and CEO.  Ebner, a former MIT fellow of the Center for Advanced Engineering Studies, has extensive product design and manufacturing experience utilizing a wide range of technologies. He has created many new products and has been granted over sixty patents world-wide.  Ebner also brings business experience to Maxilon, including the founding of high tech companies, and having served on a NASDAQ listed company board of directors.

The bone grafting system is Maxilon's first product. A local oral surgeon presented the need and assisted Ebner during the design of the instrument.   The design objective was to create a bone grafting device capable of performing all of the essential grafting steps with a single instrument.  The resulting disposable product rapidly harvests, collects and delivers bone in an efficient process, greatly simplifying autogenous bone grafting procedures.

A continuing commitment to the autogenous bone grafting needs of surgeons lead Ebner to the invention of a reusable instrument with advanced functionality.  This device features a reusable handle and disposable blades. The grafter is available with a variety of head angles to enable the surgeon to harvest from a wide range of the anatomy.  In addition, the blade can be rapidly snapped on and off to facilitate harvesting relatively large quantities of bone.

The combination of creativity, the command of numerous technologies, and excellent communication with the surgical community has made these innovative products possible.

Amherst Facility

Maxilon's Amherst Facility